Culinary Experiences...
Brought to your table!

From world cuisines to niche diets — chefs in your community can really do it all! And we leave no stone unturned to find the best and get their delicious masterpieces right to your doorsteps.

Exclusive menus as all-in-one solutions, tailored to your lifestyle and dietary needs. Selected from signature dishes at an unmatched value. (It's like having a private chef at the fraction of the costs.)

Turn your ordinary mealtimes into memorable occasions wherever you happen to be — at your table, desk, or couch.

Curated by us. Tailored to you. Made by exceptional local chefs.
  • A Walk through your local food community

    Discover incredible meals made by licensed chefs in your area — All in one place!

  • Personalized to Your Lifestyle & Dietary needs

    Browse and order food based on your needs (e.g., family-style meals, vegetarian, paleo, AIP — just to name a few).

  • Buying (and supporting) local made super easy

    Order, pay, and track seamlessly — Any menu, from any chef, for any delivery day.

  • Your weekly meal planning made effortless

    Order for the same-day delivery or as far as 7 days ahead of the delivery date.

Start by entering your zip code to see if a delightful, just-made meal could be brought to your doorsteps as soon as tomorrow!

Your Mealtimes Taken Care of — In an Unbelievable Way

unbeatable value

Fine dining at average takeout prices. Conveniently delivered.

  • Meals made from high-quality, local, and in-season ingredients. Without fillers or artifical additives.

  • Price? Same (or less) as what you are already paying on takeouts or groceries + the time to cook.

  • Freshly made food delivered to your door — ready-to-eat.

unmatched taste

Exceptional eats from incredible nearby chefs.

  • Delightful taste — whether you enjoy more familiar, homey food or indulge in bold and unique flavors.

  • Unaltered, authentic cuisines you never knew existed nearby.

  • Food with substance, chefs with focus. E.g., vegan food made by vegan chefs, keto eats made by chefs who specialize in keto.

This doesn’t seem possible — But it is.

Making this a reality meant inventing an entirely new concept for ordering food online.

“Cherry Picked is like an online store, but for cooked meals from local food crafters.”

Go from Breakfast over Dinner to Keto Menus … from chef Anna to chef Yashar ... from American to Zambian cuisines.

All those previously hard-to-reach eats now instantly at your fingertips!

Add any meal combination ... from any chef ... for any delivery date ... to a single shopping cart. Then check out all at once!

Fresh meals keep coming every day for which you ordered — delivered just-in-mealtime.

Let's say that on Sunday, you order 3 Family Dinners: for Mon, Wed, and Thur. So on Monday, a chef cooks your dinner and delivers it at 5:30 pm to your door. The same happens on Wed. And so on.

The only food app you'll ever need for all your meals, occasions, and diets!

How Cherry Picked Works?

Check Availability

Start by entering your area zip code to check if we can serve you right now.

Select the menu type

Choose a menu category that best fits your specific need — e.g., Family Dinner.

Choose meal combinations you like

Browse local offerings and pick meals for desired delivery dates. New items are added daily.

Place your order

Order all of your picked items at once with our easy checkout. Secure and trusted payments. No direct interaction with chefs required.

Meals are cooked and delivered just-in-mealtime!

So, who are these remarkable food artists you never knew existed nearby?

Meet Some of Them!

Anais Bernais

Anais Bernais

Redmond, WA

  • French
  • American

My love of food and exploring restaurants with my mother eventually led me to attend culinary school. I spent six months...

Adija Uba

Adija Uba

Brooklyn, NY

  • African
  • Southern American

I grew up with my grandmother's in the kitchen and learned everything from her. I would help every weekend...

Andy Tran

Andy Tran

Dallas, TX

  • American
  • Asian Fusion

I began cooking once I started living by myself in college. Missing my mother's cooking, I began learning traditional...

Menus based on your needs

Our menus will save you from drowning in a sea of irrelevant and endless listings. We design menu categories targeted to meet your needs fully. Your local chefs fulfill them in their unique ways.

Family menus

Dinner, Breakfast

Individual menus

Dinner, Meal packs

Menus for Special diets

Paleo, Vegan, Low-carb, etc.

Menus for Special occasions

Birthday parties, Romantic dinners

Enjoy relaxed mealtimes

Savor healthy and convenient meals

Empower your local community